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Message Board Archives 2018

12/18/18 Attention Slip Holders: The power was out from 11:11PM Dec 15th until 1:22AM Dec 16th. It cycled on and off 5 times before going out. Please check your boats.
12/03/18: Cave Run Marinas wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
11/20/18 Cave Run Marinas wishes everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!
11/12/18 Attention Slip Holders: Water to all docks is now off and the pumpout is closed for the season.
11/6/18 Attention Slip Holders: Power was out during the storm this morning. It was out from 1:30AM until 4:45AM and then again from 7:20AM until 7:50AM. It was also out about 10 minutes at 8:30AM.
11/5/18 Attention Slip Holders: Water to all docks is now off. Last pumpout date is November 11th.
10/20/18 Attention Slip Holders: The electric went off around 11:30PM. It was only off for a few seconds.
10/15/18 Attention Slip Holders: Water to all docks will be shut off on November 1st. Last pumpout date is November 11th.
09/04/18 Attention: Frosty Freeze on the Lake is now closed for the season.
08/31/18 Attention: Frosty Freeze on the Lake will close for the season on Tuesday 9/4. Come enjoy the last weekend of the season!
07/31/18 Attention: The electric flashed at approximately 9:17AM. It was off for only a second or so.
05/10/18 Attention: Frosty Freeze on the Lake is back! Opening May 18th at noon. Come dine with us on the water!
04/13/18 Attention: The water is on to all docks.
04/12/18 Attention: Reminder that all slip payments were due on 04/01/18. If you have not done so, please submit your payment.
04/12/18 Attention: Water to the gas dock, D and E docks is on. Water to the other docks will be turned on 4/13/18.
03/29/18 Attention: Water to the gas dock will be turned on 4/12/18. Water to the remaining docks will be turned on 4/16/18.
03/26/18 Attention: Just a reminder that all slip contract payments are due 4/1/18.
03/26/18 Attention: The power went out at 4:58PM on Sunday 3/25/18. It was only out for a second or so.
02/16/18 Attention: We had a power surge at the marina around 9:30AM for 4 or 5 seconds.
02/08/18 Attention: Please give us until mid April to inquire about potential slip turn-over. Our contract year runs from April to April. We won't have any information until then.
02/08/18 Attention Slip Holders: We are currently mailing contracts. The first group,(All of Longbow and Docks A-H at Scott Creek) will be mailed today and the rest will be completed tomorrow.

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